Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appraiser Coalitions in Other States

From T.J. McCarthy, SRA, a list of appraiser coalitions by State.

"I'm sure this list will continue to be updated on a fairly regular basis. The website is now up in a Beta format. Please feel free to send any suggestions regarding the site to me at tj@tjmccarthy.com. We probably won't be making major changes because of the cost involved, but we will create a wish list. For now we are looking at errors or parts of the site that may not be functioning correctly.

We would also like to get any news of legislative issues in your home state to post...Bills, Laws, Rules, etc.

Presently the coalition is a network of states working together to share and disseminate appraisal industry legislative and newsworthy issues. I'm sure we are all hopeful it will be a success and perhaps grow into a strong professional organization working to protect appraisers and users of appraisal services...that's a fancy way of saying consumers."

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