Wednesday, October 27, 2010

C2C AMC - "Watch out for these jerks!!"

I got this message from a colleague back east, and am passing it along to all of you as yet another caveat about yet another clueless AMC:

"There is an AMC by the name of C2C from California that ordered an FHA appraisal from us last evening at a $350 fee.

"We wrote them back a decline with the fee we would accept. They reordered that appraisal this morning and less than 2 hours later they wrote they assigned to another 'vendor'. Well you should see their stips…..4 closed sales, 1 listing, 1 pending, complete the cost approach, 1004 MC form, etc. , etc., etc.

"You guys know me…I called California…got their phone monkey who said I would have to speak to his 'manager'. Well this clown sounded all of 18 years old.

"I informed him that they may have broken Virginia law…..I informed them of reasonable and customary fees….They are even so stupid as to put on the order a fee that was within $5 of our fee. I asked why they reassigned and the answer was they found another vendor who was cheaper at the R & C fee. I told them to take us off of their list…….NOW!

"Keep in mind I had already called the agent and set up the appointment. I cannot wait to find out who takes this assignment….and believe me, I will. The agent is an OLD friend of mine.

"This young punk said oh no we are not breaking any law….I said well we will just see about it….our Attorney General will get this….and we will now cost you more than you could ever save on cheap ass appraisal fees. Then this REAL HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONAL hung up on me!


P. E. Turner (Pat), Jr., SRPA, SRA
P. E. Turner & Co., LTD.
Henrico, VA"

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