Sunday, January 16, 2011

Proposed Revisions to Appraiser Qualification Criteria

Second Exposure Draft of Proposed Revisions to the Future Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria

Comment Deadline: February 18, 2011

Tougher requirements for new appraisers.

1. Proposed Revision to Require Education and Experience as Prerequisites for the Examination
2. Proposed Revision to College Degree Requirements and Removal of "In Lieu Of" Option for College-Level Education
3. Proposed Requirement for Background Checks
4. Proposed Revisions Pertaining to College Degrees in Real Estate
5. Proposed Revision to 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course
6. Proposed Removal of Segmented Approach to Criteria Implementation
7. Proposed Restriction on Continuing Education Course Offerings
8. Proposed Revisions to Distance Education Requirements
9. Proposed Revisions to Trainee Appraiser Qualifications
10. Proposed Supervisory Appraiser Requirements
11. Proposed Revisions to Guide Note 1 (GN-1)

I wonder if anyone is thinking about no new appraisers in the future...


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