Thursday, December 8, 2011

ACOW - Elections

Greetings ACOW members,

It is time to gear up for the ACOW 2012 elections. Election ballots will be sent out soon.

If you would like to elect or volunteer to become either an Organization Representative or an ACOW Board Member please notify us as soon as possible. Attached is a list of current Organization Representative. If you would like to fill the open positions or have knowledge that the current position is changing please let us know.

The following ACOW Board Positions are open:

* President

* Vice President

* Treasurer

* Four Director positions

* ACOW Individual Members’ Representative

Here is how the ACOW elections are conducted:

1. Organizations appoint their Representatives, except for the Individual Members’ Representative.
2. Only the representatives elect the ACOW Board members.
3. The Board then elects the President.

Please note: Ballots are accepted by fax, or by teleconference during the ACOW meeting. Email is not acceptable.

Thank you all for your participation

Appraisers Coalition of Washington
6351 Seaview Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107-2664
p: 206.622.8425
f: 206.623.4474

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