Monday, March 15, 2010

AMC Legislation

Here’s a couple of highlights from last week and a couple of previews for this week.

There are now four bills pending on Governor's desks: IN, OR, VA, and WA.

Hopefully some of this will spring loose this week.

Arizona – Bill passed the Senate on 3/8/10. Now goes to the House.

Colorado – The bill was postponed indefinitely (i.e., killed for 2010).

Florida – Senate Committee action is possible this week on the two Senate bills.

Georgia – Bill passed the House; Now goes to the Senate

Illinois – A shell bill with a strike all amendment is making its way through the House. Further negotiations/discussions about the content of the bill will take place in the Senate.

Kentucky – Bill is on the Senate floor today (3/15).

Oklahoma – Bill passed the House; Now goes to the Senate. Some additional amendments proposed in the Senate.

Tennessee – Hearing on Senate Bill on 3/17; House bill on 3/25

Virginia – Bill passed by both the House & Senate; Awaiting Gov. McDonnell’s signature.

Scott Dibiasio

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