Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next to Last Call to Action of AMC Bill!

Well, things are really looking very, very good now for us to get the AMC bill (3040) passed into law this session! There were only ten bills passed by the Senate (so far) today, and ESHB 3040 was one of them!

Only two more steps: 1) Another vote by the House to concur with the Senate based on some minor amending language since the bill originally came out of the House, and then 2) the Governor to sign it! So, very soon, I will no longer be sending out so many emails and bothering everyone about this!! I do want to thank everyone so far who has supported ACOW’s efforts to get this bill introduced and passed to this point….your efforts have been appreciated!

Now, I am sending out this next-to-last call for action: Please forward this to your members, and ask that they (and I am asking that you) contact their Senator and Representatives of their Districts, and also email Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles and Rep. Steve Conway, and THANK THEM for their support for this bill! (There were only two Senators today who did NOT vote for this bill, and two others who were absent from voting…. I have not identified them yet, but…. ), and ask your House Representatives to pass once again the final version.

Soon, I will be asking everyone, I expect, to also contact the Governor, and ask that she sign this bill into law…. But, let’s wait to do that until the House gives final approval!

Thank you, everyone, again!

Stan Sidor, President ACOW

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