Thursday, December 17, 2009

Investigation: LandSafe

If anyone worked through Landsafe for Countrywide between 2005 and 2008, and you have firsthand knowledge, data, or other information regarding their dealings with appraisers (pressure for value, removal of conditions, photos, etc or other items), please contact Suzanne Clarke.

Thank you,

Michael Imes, IFA, DAR
Certified Appraisal Reviewer

ACOW Secretary

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  1. We have been dealing with Landsafe for quite some time and I had began to save their ruthless demands in folders in 2008. I have 2 thick folders from them with their rediculous computer reviews and lies. They break every rule like they can do anything they want. I have enough folders to have them closed down. They have told me to take classes, go to their counselers, all of which was double talk to get
    what they want. I would be glad to turn over at least 100 pages of documentation of how they are ruining the appraisal profession.
    Their reviews were done by computer, sent to you if requested many times, unsigned, and all wrong. However they insisted they were right and if you rebut it and they do not agree with you, you get another 90 days punishment with no orders. The latest thing is insisting that all areas have decling values since now they don't want loans. Then I was finally blacklisted but this past Novemeber for not putting negative conotations in Rittenhouse Square among other stupid things. I will turn everything over to you if requested for review.
    Please advise
    Joan Huhn
    Premier Appraisal, Inc
    3992 Lancelot place
    Philadelphia, Pa 19154