Thursday, December 17, 2009

REAC on the Chopping Block... Again

As many of you know, Governor Gregoire is once again threatening to eliminate the Real Estate Appraiser's Commission. This appears to be a political tactic designed to create the public impression that she is cost cutting in every way possible, but this action belies the fact that REAC is revenue neutral for the State.

Jim Irish has written a letter to REAC on behalf of ACOW [
here], and the response from Ralph Birkedahl, the Appraiser Program Manager, is here. These two letters provide an excellent example of what we rely upon REAC for.

All Washington appraisers should care about this issue, because the Real Estate Appraiser's Commission is our official liaison to Olympia. Without it, our access to lawmakers and policymakers will be even further diminished, at a time when we can least afford to be disregarded.

Want to help? Please direct your thoughts and suggestions to Stan Sidor, so that we can have a unified voice on this issue.


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