Friday, December 18, 2009

Marketing Warning: Appraisers1.Com

Hi everyone,

I received a call from Appraisers1.Com to get me to list in their website. She said that they get orders and then distribute them to appraisers on their website.

She claimed that "Almost 99.9% are COD" and you collect from the borrower. For $299 she will put you in their website. You just have to give her your checking account number if you do not want to charge it.

I checked with a few appraisers in the site. Their response was "No work from in three yrs of the listing".

Joseph Benn


I was also called by these people. I didn't let them get as far as Mr. Benn did, as I stopped them when I told them I never pay to be on a list.

It is your business decision, but it appears from what Mr. Benn says, that they ask for a checking account number. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Michael Imes, IFA
President, Olympic Peninsula Chapter, NAIFA
Secretary, ACOW


The Appraiser's Forum has a post about this:

Respondents have mixed results to report, and some have apparently gotten work through Beyond this, we have no way to verify the quality or reputation of anyone marketing appraisal management services.

Be careful out there!

Michael Tabor
Hyperion Appraisal, Inc.


  1. Appraisers1 is a very ethical reputable business, and they do deliver which is much more than I can say about alot of other similar Companies. It is easy to post negative comments, which should not be posted unless you have tried them first hand!

  2. It would be so much more useful if you'd be specific about your experiences, as Joseph Benn was. What "other similar Companies" are you referring to?

    We would certainly post positive comments about AMCs as well - but we have received none. How about saying a little more about what you like about Appraisers1?

    And let us know who you are.

  3. I think and the appraiser emporium are one in the same! Check out their links to the internet store!

  4. and are both owned by the same individual. Both of their sites are basically the same and were designed by The Internet Store.