Friday, February 4, 2011

ACOW Recognized Nationally

From Michael Imes:

The article link below is about state coalitions and their efforts around the country; this is in the LiveValuation magazine that was sent out this week.

ACOW's efforts are the lead-in to the story in the article and we are referenced throughout the article.


Justin Slack's comments:

While I think we have other things to worry about on the home front, i.e. sustainability as an organization, I do believe that the more awareness that is made in industry publications the better, especially for the unaffiliated.

Representing ACOW, I was interviewed for two October Research articles for December/ January (sorry, this is a paid subscription site that I do not subscribe to and was not granted a link), this LiveValuation story for February, and Valuation Magazine (an AI publication) that should be out in Q2 2011.

We were also displayed in the AI's Appraiser News Online (ANO) regarding our letter to the WA State Dept. of Commerce and "green" building valuation; I have received several e-mails from around the country from other appraisers regarding our letter.

I think by continuing to get out in the public arena, this will help those that haven't bought in to ACOW see that we are recognized by the industry and that we are making a difference...all for $45/ person/ year!

If you come across any additional publications or opportunities that you think would benefit ACOW, please let me know. As well, this e-mail distribution list is very short, so if you know someone that you think would benefit from the above link, please feel free to send that along.

Thanks for your continued efforts in working to better our profession,

Justin Slack, SRA

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  1. $45 per year is SO worth it!! Thank you, ACOW, for all the work you do and have done over the years. As I understand it, ACOW has once again been successful in saving the Real Estate Appraisal Commission (REAC) from the Governor's list of organizations on the "chopping block". Just another item that adds to the big "bank for the buck"; I am a proud sponsor of ACOW (paid my dues for several years now) and I am so pleased to see how much work ACOW does for appraisers. Thank you once again.