Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are you Functionally Obsolete?

Great article by Richard Hagar, SRA, in Appraisal Buzz:

"Functional obsolescence is the reason many appraisers are going out of business. On a daily basis, appraisers moan: "It's because of the HVCC that my business is down" or " that AMC or X or Y or Z caused my income to decline." Really? Are you sure? So, why is my company buried in business and you're not?"

"Appraisers often tell me ....puff, puff: "My work is in the top 10% of my peers." Most of the time these appraisers have no idea how little they know. More than likely it's because they are sole-proprietorships cut off from interacting with other, better, appraisers. Their lack of knowledge and skill will likely make them go the way of the Dodo bird, well unless....."

"...Let Me Offer Some Solutions."

The article is here. (Scroll down below advertising)

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