Monday, February 28, 2011

Implementing the Uniform Appraisal Dataset

From Freddie Mac:

"New and Updated Resources Available to Help with Implementing the Uniform Appraisal Dataset

"To help prepare your underwriting and property valuation staff, as well as the appraisers you work with, the following new and updated resources are now available on

* New Using the Uniform Appraisal Dataset Tutorial and Interactive Reference Manual: This helpful training tool introduces lender staff, appraisers, and industry professionals to the requirements and instructions necessary to complete appraisal report forms in accordance with the UAD.

* Updated Questions & Answers: We’ve posted new Q&As tailored specifically to address UAD-related questions we’ve received from appraisers. We’ll be updating the Q&As frequently, so please check back on a regular basis to make sure you have reviewed the latest updates.

* Updated Field-Specific Standardization Requirements document [PDF]: We’ve also renamed and made minor updates to the previously published Field-Specific Standardization Requirements for Lenders document. The updated document, now called Field-Specific Standardization Requirements, can be used to educate your staff, as well as the appraisers you work with, on the standardized definitions and responses for a key subset of fields on the four UAD appraisal report forms.

In addition to providing these resources, we’ve also updated the UAD Technical Specification to address issues identified with the required XPaths for mapping the data on the appraisal forms and minor changes to our formatting requirements..."



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