Monday, April 12, 2010

AARO Spring 2010 Conference

Just as an informational item, note below those states that either have, or are working to establish, an “appraiser’s coalition.”

It would have been great for ACOW to send a rep to this conference, but at present we cannot afford to do so, unless someone is already planning on attending the AARO conference and would like to sit in on this and report back to the ACOW Board…?


Stan Sidor
President ACOW

Good Morning to everyone,

I am wondering if other groups are planning on attending the AARO 2010 Spring Conference? We are contemplating the event, and feel that it would only be worthwhile if enough other coalitions are present.

I don’t know the best way to go about this, but if you want to all email me whether you plan to attend or not, I can email that list to everyone once it is compiled. That way we can all know which other groups will be there.

These are the groups we know about. Please indicate if you will be attending:

· Arizona
· California
· Illinois
· Maryland
· Michigan
· Minnesota
· Mississippi
· Nevada
· New Mexico
· Ohio
· Oregon
· South Dakota
· Tennessee
· Texas
· Utah (contemplating)
· Virginia
· Washington

Thank you everyone.

Joel Frost
Secretary – United Appraisers of Utah

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