Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Call - ACOW Summit Topic Ideas

I am making a “last call” for ACOW At The Summit (August 20 – 21, 2010) topic ideas. If nothing new comes in, we will go with the schedule suggested so far, which is as follows:


A.M. – Quarterly REAC Meeting (2 – 3 CE hrs typical) - come meet your state Real Estate Appraiser Commission members, and see what they do!

P.M. – “Understanding and Using the New WA State AMC Law” ) – what does the new AMC law do, what does it not do, and how can appraisers best employ it for their practice (3 hr course to be created; presenters could include myself, and/or others as interested; would need WA DOL approval for CE. Will pertain to and affect BOTH single family residential AND commercial appraisers.


A.M. – “Dealing with AMCs - How They Operate, The Federal Laws That Regulate, And How Appraisers Can Protect Themselves” (Richard Hagar, instructor) - 3 hr CE: pertains mostly to single family residential appraisers at this time, buy will also have applicability to commercial appraisers, in particular in the future.

Lunch – annual membership meeting, and also a presentation/overview by TK Bentler, our lobbyist, assuming he is available to attend

P.M. – “Beyond USPAP: Requirements over and above minimum USPAP requirements when completing appraisals for Federal Banks – aka Interagency Guidelines.” (Richard Hagar, instructor) – 3 hr CE: applies to mostly commercial appraisals, but also has applicability to single family residential appraisals.

Thank you.

Stan Sidor
President ACOW

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