Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AMC Information: Solidifi, et al.

A local appraiser recently sent me the following:

“I got a notice from Solidifi that we are to no longer lock and password protect our appraisals!!

Also, from another appraiser site, I was informed that each lender only has to have two appraisers on their list. This is not what they presented HVCC as being, but the lenders have found a way around it.

Of course, it is good for you if you are one of the two, but since they didn't say that was the way it would work last year, contacts have been lost and it would take ALOT of work to reestablish.”

Stan Sidor
President ACOW

See also this post.


They've been trying that approach for a year or so all across the US. So, I've been warning all appraisers TO LOCK their appraisals. Seems to be hitting home.

Richard Hagar

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