Friday, January 29, 2010

AMC Alert

All appraisers,

The BIG lenders/AMCs are fighting back against our legislation. They don’t like the control it will give the state, and the transparency it will give the public. We need your help, or this legislation may not pass.

First we need your help with some written evidence. Anything that shows the true operation of an AMC and how it harms the consumer or the state.

In the next week or so, we will then be asking you all to contact your specific reps. DON’T DO IT NOW. Wait, so we can get some talking points published.

Right now, we need some good evidence to compile and send to the committee.

We desperately need any evidence you have concerning the activity of AMCs:
  1. Fraud – i.e. requests to remove things from an appraisal
  2. Altered appraisal reports
  3. Pressure for value, Etc.
  4. Fees – Any written documentation that indicates you must work for their fees or you don’t work. i.e. price fixing, especially RELS or Landsafe.
  5. If they state you will not receive future work if you don’t accept their fees
  6. Reviews – reviews showing incompetence (lack of geographical competency)
  7. Anything that may be viewed as a consumer protection issue.

Thank you,

Michael Imes
Secretary, ACOW
President, Olympic Peninsula Chapter, NAIFA

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