Friday, January 29, 2010

Model Legislation and Clear Capital Response

Stan Sidor has received a letter from Clear Capital, outlining their objections to our proposed AMC licensing bill.

Also available are the proposed RELS alternative AMC bill they are asking us to consider, and which they would support, in lieu of ACOW’s AMC bill.

Until I can get these posted to the ACOW site and get links, email Stan or Michael Imes for copies.

"You may distribute/forward to others as you feel is necessary, though please do NOT contact Clear Capital, or any legislators (we have already had appraisers who are constituents in each reps’ district for those on the committee considering our bill). Please direct ALL feedback to me for consideration in negotiations on the bill. Again, if you need a copy of HB 3040, our bill, then I can provide one to you – just email me and ask for a copy.

Thank you.

Stan Sidor

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