Friday, January 22, 2010

"Green Building" C. E. Requirement Proposal


Responding to the e-mail that I received from ACOW President Stan Sidor regarding 2010 WA SB 6635 "AN ACT Relating to the appraisal of green buildings; amending RCW 18.140.010; and adding a new section to chapter 18.140 RCW."

The bill did have its instantaneous hearing today. Stan was able to put the brakes on it at today's hearing. While it looks good for now, no proposed legislation in Olympia or the "Other Washington" is ever "Dead" for even a current session of a legislative body until the body adjourns "Sine Die" at its legal end.

The main issue with SB 6635 is that appraisers, as the main people directly affected, had no notice or opportunity for input toward its drafting. It was good to see you at the meeting last evening. I apologize for not being able to get this to you later last evening as I intended, or earlier today.

Should the market generate sufficient need for this education, I believe that there is no need for this special legislation because 18.140 RCW already contains authority for DOL and the REAC do this by amending the WAC after the required public comment period. SB 6635 is attached.

Stan, and TK Bentler (ACOW's lobbyist in Olympia) are also working to keep the Governor's budget axe deflected from the REAC. Preserving the REAC is another very important project (VIP) for the entire appraiser community by ACOW. Please give ACOW your fullest support.

Everyone can find their WA Legislative District and US Congressional District, together with Senators and Representatives at Please get to know them and know you are a voter in their district. Your voice as a constituent is powerful to their ears. Information on all bills filed in the Washington Legislature is found at


All appraisers will strengthen our collective voice and our individual voices by contributing our time, talent and treasure to ACOW. It is us. Information galore and the membership application form are at ACOW is sponsoring Richard Hagar's (American Home Appraisals) "Winter Seminar" on two timely topics (each 3 hours, AM & PM) in Seattle (Feb. 5, Friday), Tacoma (Feb 9, Tuesday) and East Wenatchee (Feb 11, Thursday). Details are at

This is also being copied to Stan as ACOW President, and to Michael Tabor as ACOW's Blog Master. Everyone is welcome to comment, edit and/or share it as you wish. The ACOW Blog is a great forum for sharing your thoughts on any appraisal topic at

Keep smiling. 2010 should be better for appraisers with more changes in values (some up here, some down there), more active players, more foreclosures (only helpful to appraisers), and more flow of stimulus dollars to the local levels.

James H. (Jim) Irish, SRA
Certified General Real Estate Appraiser

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