Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on AMC Bill


Ok, just got word from TK [our lobbyist that represents us in Olympia] that Wells Fargo will be attending the hearing on this bill tomorrow and they oppose it. Here are some concerns TK has:

1. It is an election year
2. Banks are big PAC contributors
3. Legislators are not likely going to want to have to address anything that is “controversial”
4. It is a short session, and they have a lot of other things to deal with

Based on the above, TK is not optimistic that this bill will pass, at least during this session.

However, Wells’ reps are willing to sit down with us after the hearing in an attempt to try to “work out” differences.

Just an “FYI” on this…. W[e w]ill continue to work on, and keep everyone posted.


Stan Sidor

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