Friday, February 12, 2010

Action Alert: AMC Registration Bill - SHB 3040

ACOW continues to need your assistance to keep the AMC Registration Bill moving in the legislature.

SHB 3040 is now scheduled in the House for its second reading. A third reading will be necessary if it survives the 2nd Reading.

Today is the critical time for you to contact your Representative, and ask for support of the AMC registration bill, SHB 3040.

Use this link to find your Representative. If you don't know who your Representative is, use the “Find your Legislator” link just below the District Numbers.

Your message should include something similar to this:

“Please support SHB 3040 when it is presented for the second reading in the House.

This SHB 3040 AMC registration bill is a compromise bill supported by the Appraisers Coalition of Washington, and the AMC companies it will regulate.

Thank you for your support.”

If SHB 3040 is passed in the House the bill will move to the Senate.

Your support is critical to this process.

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