Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nominees Sought for 2011 AI Leadership Positions

The nominations and elections process is underway for 2011. There are open positions for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Directors, two Regional Representatives, and general and residential Associate Member Liaisons. Members (except for Temporarily Non Practicing Designated, and Non Practicing Associate Members, Affiliate Members, and Honorary Members) are strongly encouraged to nominate themselves for positions for which they are qualified.

All potential candidates must be members in good standing, current in the Appraisal Institute’s continuing education requirements (for Designated Members), have not been subject to a publishable disciplinary action by the Appraisal Institute within the five (5) years prior to the election. Branch chapter members can run for any office.

Vice President (one-year term) may be a Designated or Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute, preferably one who has previously served as a director, secretary, or treasurer, and has a history of service to the Chapter. The Vice President will also act as president-elect and will automatically become President in the following year, provided he or she is a Designated Member at that time.

Secretary and Treasurer (each one-year term) may be a Designated or Associate Member, preferably one who has prior service as a Chapter officer, director, or committee chair.

Director (Three-year term) May be a Designated or Associate Member. Prior service as a committee chair or committee member, and a history of service to the Chapter is preferred. No member can serve consecutive terms for this position.

Regional Representative (two-year term) may be a Designated or Associate Member It is desirable for Regional Representatives to have prior service as a Chapter committee chair or board member. No member can serve more than two terms as Regional Representative.

General and Residential Associate Member Liaisons (one-year term) must be Associate Members, preferably ones who actively participate in Chapter events and wish to represent the Associate Member viewpoint to the Board of Directors. Associate Member Liaisons must have been in good standing with the Chapter for at least one year, and have taken the Standards of Professional Practice course and passed the corresponding examination. No member can serve more than two consecutive terms as an Associate Member Liaison.

Your 2010 Nominating Committee Chair is Mel Morgan Jr., MAI. The Nominating Committee is currently searching for candidates. If you are interested in serving the chapter in one of these positions, or have any other questions about the process or positions, please contact Mel as soon as possible at (206) 382-0825 or by email at

Thank you!

Seattle Chapter, Appraisal Institute
6351 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107-2664
ph: 206.622.8425
fx: 206-623-4474

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