Saturday, February 20, 2010

To All FHA Roster Appraisers

It is important for FHA Roster Appraisers to monitor the FHA Roster Appraiser web page periodically, at

  • For appraisal policy updates
  • Find answers via FAQs and FHA’s Knowledge Base
  • Update contact information
  • At license/certification renewal time
  • Check roster status
  • To access Mortgagee Letters and handbooks
Before accepting and performing an appraisal for purposes of FHA-insured financing, all FHA Roster appraisers must ensure that their name is listed on the Appraiser Roster. An appraisal performed by a FHA Roster appraiser who is not listed on the Roster at is not active on the Roster and the appraisal will be rejected. It is the appraiser’s responsibility, as well as that of the lender, to make this determination.

Implementation of Mortgagee Letters 2009-28 and 2009-51:

Enactment of ML 2009-28 Appraiser Independence and ML 2009-51 Adoption of the Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report was effective February 15, 2010. You may read these and all other FHA Mortgagee Letters online at:

(From Ralph Birkedahl)

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