Saturday, February 27, 2010

AMC Bill continues to move ahead!

Just to make sure everyone knows, the Senate DID pass the AMC bill out of the Labor/Commerce Committee and on to the Senate Ways & Means Committee yesterday afternoon…. we keep moving forward… Ways & Means Committee members for the Senate are shown below. Contact them, please, and ask that they support this bill and pass it on to Rules.

So far, I do know that Sens. Karen Keiser and Jeanne Kohl-Welles are solidly in support of our bill, as I also believe that Phil Rockefeller and Debbie Regala are, too. Regala is my Senator, and I have been in touch with her about the bill. If I recall correctly, Barry indicated that the Committee Chair, Margarita Prentice, is in his District. Rodney Tom is usually supportive of our efforts, and TK has a good rapport with him. Sen. Kline is on the Labor/Commerce Committee, which just passed the bill out to W&M. D’s outnumber R’s by 14 – 8 on this committee, so I think we are good for this to continue to Rules.

Feedback I have received from national sources indicates that our bill is receiving very positive reviews! Many feel it represents a very good model to work from….it should, we have certainly put enough time and effort into it thus far!

Thanks to everyone for continuing efforts to get this bill passed! Just a few more steps to go…. From W&Ms to Rules, then to Senate floor vote, then back to the House for reconsideration as amended (remember, it passed the House first time 98 – 0!), and THEN, finally, to the Governor! ...whew!!!

Stan Sidor
President, ACOW

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