Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please call State Reps RE: SHB 3040 - AMC reg. bill

WA State appraisers……

I’m a former radio announcer/copy writer. I wrote the following message – which takes 55 seconds to read over the phone – which you may use to call the reps below. Their hearing is Thursday morning, Feb 4, 8am.

You can call overnight (as I have done) and leave a message, or early on Thursday. (Enlarge the font, then print it to paper…will make reading easier.)

"This is a message for Representative ________ concerning your hearing on Thursday Feb. 4 about House Bill 3040, for which I would appreciate your support. My name is ______________. I am a Washington State [Licensed / Certified / General] Residential Real Estate Appraiser. [Use your correct license title.]

House Bill 3040 concerns the regulation of Appraisal Management Companies by Washington State . Presently many AMC’s are causing great harm to appraisers in this state due to their business practices.

House Bill 3040 will put an end to improper AMC activity, especially relating to usual and customary appraiser compensation and other practices that impact impartial appraisals on real estate in Washington State .

I ask you again to support House Bill 3040. Thank you."

NOTE… if you modify this, do so to P#2 & 3 only. Keep your message short and to the point. This message repeats request for support twice and repeats the bill number four times.

Dave Towne

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